TheAcademic Friends of Israel

Trade Union and Other Boycotts of Israel in Great Britain[2008] by Ronnie Fraser

The Academic Boycott of Israel: A Review of the Five-Year UK Campaign to Defeat it  by Ronnie Fraser [2008]

The Academic Boycott of IsraelWhy Britain? by Ronnie Fraser [2007]

Submission to Parliamentary antisemitism inquiry [2006]

The Academic Boycott of Israel
Letter sent to UCU by Anthony Julius on behalf of Ronnie Fraser 1 July 2011
Press Release 30 May 2011-UCU condemned as institutionally antisemitic
Press Release 29 May 2011 - UCU condemned for passing illegal motion which promotes an academic boycott of Israel

UCU Congress 2011 motion 70 EUMC definition of Anti Semitism

UCU Congress 2011 motion 36 Israel/ Palestine

Letter sent by A Julius to the UCU on 3 June 2008 on behalf on certain groups of members of the union

Letter sent to the AUT on 19 May 2005 on behalf of 6 members by Solicitors Mishcon de Reya
Letter to the AUT from the Union of Senior Staff at Haifa University 19 May 2005
Motions Carried at the AUT Special Council 26 May 2005
The Academic Boycott of Israel resolutions that were passed by the AUT Council on 22 April 2005

Timeline of events for April-December 2002

Israeli Academia

Meet Israeli Academia [2007]

This document lists selected highlights of collaborative projects between Israeli, Palestinians and others

The Wilkie Affair - turning the accuser into the accused

Andrew Wilkie, provoked outrage in June 2003 when he rejected an application to work in his laboratory by Amit Duvshani a Tel Aviv University PhD student, solely on the basis of his nationality.

The Academic Friends of Israel contacted the Sunday Telegraph in London at lunchtime on Friday 27th June 2003 who then phoned Oxford University and at seven o’clock that evening, the University had issued a press statement condemning Wilkie’s actions and announced an investigation into the matter. The result of the investigation was that Wilkie was suspended for two months without pay and had to undertake equal opportunities training. The penalty was the most serious short of dismissal that the University could impose.

As a consequence Wilkie had been turned within four days from the accuser into the accused, an event unparalleled in Israel activism. Here was the anti-Semitic academic who wanted to hurt Israel but has been hurt himself. Academics have only one reputation: once damaged it remains so for a long time if not for ever.


Original letter sent to Professor Wilkie

Professor Wilkie’s Reply-23 June 2003

Professor Wilkie's email apology sent to people who contacted him after the story broke on Sunday 29th June

Oxford University Press release - 27th June 2003

The Sunday Telegraph Article - 29th June 2003

Oxford University Press release announcing the decision of their inquiry into the affair - 27 October 2003

Statement issued on behalf of Pembroke College - 27 October 2003


The academic boycott of Israel resolutions that were passed by the AUT Council on 22 April 2005
AUT statements issued after the defeat of a academic boycott of Israel motion at Congress May 2003

In this statement the AUT supports the call by academics in the UK and elsewhere for a moratorium on EU and European Science Foundation funding of Israeli cultural and research institutions. Similar wording was used in the Guardian open letter of 2002 which quickly became known as the academic boycott of Israel.

In addition it also states that its recognises that "anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism." Yet two years later at the 2005 NATFHE annual conference the phrase "anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism" was deleted from a motion criticising Israel's actions before the debate on legal advice.

AUT 2002 Congress motions on the Middle East

The AUT supports the call made recently by academics in the UK and elsewhere for a moratorium on EU and European Science Foundation funding of Israeli cultural and research institutions until Israel abides by UN resolutions and opens serious peace negotiations with the Palestinians.



Letter sent to NATFHE on behalf of NATFHE member Ronnie Fraser by Solictors Mishcon de Reya 24 May 2005
NATFHE National Executive Council statement 6 May 2005


NATFHE's policy on Israel/Palestine and relations with Israeli academic institutions
NATFHE delegates demonstrate against The Trade Union Friends of Israel prescence at annual conference

The Trade Union Friends of Israel had a stand 2003 at the NATFHE annual conference for the first time in 2003. At one point a 30-strong protest gathered round the stall chanting the Hamas slogan” Israel out of Palestine. Some delegates were warned by their region to boycott the stand. Later that day NATFHE President made this statement to conference


NATFHE, Palestine and Israel : some questions that need answering
Since NATFHE issued its statement on recent events in Palestine and Israel, this note tried to answer the key questions raised including "is NATFHE encouraging anti-Semitism by its position on Israel?"

NATFHE 2002 conference motion endorses its position on Palestine

Includes statements on the Israeli incursions into the Palestinian Authority's territory during March/April 2002


NATFHE conference motion condemns Israel’s actions