NameNEC member 2008-9 UCU Left candidateUCU 2008 Congress delegate Signed letter supporting student occupations Comments  AFI - Engage  recomendations 
Dave Anderson (University of Glasgow)   YES  YES
Alan Barker (New College Nottingham)  YESYES   
Gargi Bhattacharyya (Aston University) YES YES UCU Left candidate 2007,  supported the 2005 AUT boycott motions  
Sue Birch (Leeds Metropolitan University)  YESYES 2006 NATFHE conference delegate 
Sue Blackwell (University of Birmingham)YESYESYES  Proposed 2003 and 2005 AUT boycott motions, regards the State of Israel as “illegitimate”   
Roger Brooks (University of Liverpool) YES YES  YES
Terry Brotherstone (University of Aberdeen) YES YESYES  
Paul Brown (Scottish Central Group)  YESYES 2008 UCU Left candidate, supported the 2005 AUT boycott motions  
Philip Burgess (University of Dundee) YES YES  YES
Alan Carr (Open University) YES YES  YES
Stephen Desmond (Thames Valley University) YES YES  YES
John Dobson (University of Salford)   YES  YES
Jimmy Donaghey (Queen's University Belfast)   YES Opposed to a boycottYES
James Eaden (Chesterfield College) YES YESYES2007 UCU Left candidate, member of Stop the War, 2006 NATFHE conference delegate 
Karen Evans (University of Liverpool)YESYESYESYES  
Jeff Fowler (Sunderland University)   YES 2008 UCU Left candidate, "Solidarity with the struggles of workers in other countries, such as Palestine"   
Iain Ferguson (University of Stirling)  YESNO   
Alison Gander (Nelson and Colne College)  YESYES   
Dave Gibson (Barnsley College)  YESYES   
Monica Goligher (Belfast Metropolitan College)  YES  Yes 
Tricia Gott (Bradford College)   YES  Yes 
Caroline Gray (City College Birmingham)YES YES   
Jim Guild (University of Sussex) YES YESYES  
Joe Gluza (University of Cambridge)       NO Opposed to a boycottYES
Anne-marie Greene (University of Warwick) YES YES 2007 UCU Left candidateYES
Bill Gulam (University of Salford) YES YES   
Dennis Hayes (Canterbury Christ Church University)   YES  YES
Maureen Henry-Johnson (Sandwell College of FE) YES YESYES2006 NATFHE conference delegate 
Marion Hersh (University of Glasgow)  YESYESYES 2007 UCU Left candidate,"I would currently in general vote against a boycott, though act in solidarity with it if agreed" 
Terry Hoad (University of Oxford) YES YES Opposed to a boycott  YES
Tom Hickey (University of Brighton) YESYESYESYESUCU Left candidate, supports a boycott and proposed NATFHE 2006 UCU 2007 and 2008 boycott motions  
Fawzi Ibrahim (College of North West London) Trustee YES ex-NATFHE treasurer supported Natfhe anti-israel policies  
Brian Ingham (Richmond upon Thames College) YESYESYESYES  
Lesley Kane (Open University)  YES  YES
Maeve Landman (University of the West of England)YESYESYES   
Bob Langridge (Oxford Brookes University)    YES  YES
Angie McConnell (Wigan & Leigh College) YES YES   
Lesley McIntosh (Robert Gordon University)  YES  YES
Ron Mendel (University of Northampton)  YES Member of Jews for Justice for Palestinians, supports Boycott  
Laura Miles (Bradford College) FE   YES   
Loraine Monk (NESCOT)   YES 2007 UCU Left candidate 
Carlo Morelli (University of Dundee)  YESNO 2008 UCU Left candidate, supported the 2005 AUT boycott motions ,twinned Dundee  Palestinian University of An Najah in Nablus. 
John Murphy (Blackburn College )YES YESYES2006 NATFHE conference delegate  
Bethan Norfor (Open University)   NO  YES
John Perry (Cornwall College)  NO   
Malcolm Povey (University of Leeds) YESYESYESYESSupported the 2005 AUT boycott motions, supporter of  Stop the War and UNITE against fascism
Patricia Roche (Blackpool & Fylde College)   YES 2005 & 2006 NATFHE conference delegate  
Angela Roger (University of Dundee)YES YES   
Steve Sangwine (University of Essex)   NO   
Amanda Sackur (London Metropolitan University)YESYESYESYES2008 UCU Left candidate 
Angela Shann (University of Sheffield)  YESYES 2008 UCU Left candidate, member of Respect party, supporter of Stop the War, Unite against Facism, delegate to European Social Forum 
Kathy Taylor (Northumberland College) YES YES  YES
Roger Walters (Open University)YES YES  YES