The Academic Friends of Israel

6th February 2007

Dear Colleagues,

For those of you who are members of the University and College Union [UCU], you will be receiving within the next few days through the post ballot papers for the posts of UCU trustees, general secretary, officer and national executive committee positions. You will have up until 7 March 2007 to return your ballot paper.

Within the next 10 days we will be sending out an AFI digest advising you on candidates' positions on Israel and the academic boycott.

Please do not return your papers until you have read our advice.

We have to use our vote wisely as there will be upwards of 100 names on the ballot papers. Voting will be by single transferable vote which means members can number their ballot papers in the order of their preferred candidates.

Ronnie Fraser

Academic Friends of Israel



The Chief Rabbi, Sir Jonathan Sacks

Advisory Board: 

Dr Manfred Gerstenfeld - Chairman of the Board of Fellows, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

Henry Grunwald Q.C. - President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews

Amir Lev

John D A Levy - Director of the Academic Study Group on Israel and the Middle East

Andrew R. Marks, M.D. - Columbia University, USA

Dr Robin Stamler

Professor Leslie Wagner CBE

Rt Hon Lord Young of Graffham


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