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The Academic Friends of Israel


The Academic Friends of Israel


                      UNIVERSITY OF HAIFA - UPDATE



It feels as if the rocket attacks on Haifa and Northern Israel have, sadly, become a thing of routine.  We continue to update on events occurring at the University of Haifa: The University of Haifa Administration has decided on the following:  

1.       GRADUAL RETURN TO NORMAL ACTIVITY AT THE UNIVERSITY  Starting Sunday the 23rd of July the staff, both academic and administrative, will return to work. The University has prepared and maintained the sheltered areas and the bomb shelters for exactly this purpose.  Formal studies and exams will be rescheduled at a later stage, and a 48 hour notice will be given prior to the reopening of the examination period.  


 2.       PLANNED SUMMER CLOSURE OF THE UNIVERSITY   The University Administration has decided that the summer recess, previously planned between the dates of August 1st to the 12th, will be cancelled. This is due to the unscheduled break we were forced to take, in light of the security situation, and to enable the completion of standing obligations.                     

                              *             *              * 

Research Activity Continues  Many researchers, at the University of Haifa, have found ways to continue their work despite the closure of Campus the looming security threats. The Institute of Evolution is hosting a Scientist from Kiev, Dr. Surgai Simotnik  Who arrived at the University to work on research jointly with the Institute and with the Israeli Academy of Science. The guest Scientist refused to flatly leave Haifa and insisted on continuing his research.   

The Overseas School  

 "My parents trust the administration of the School for Overseas Students and know that no harm will come to me" said Adam Turnhiem, aged 21, from Boston. Adam, a graduate of the University of Brandeis, arrived at the University of Haifa in order to participate in the summer Ulpan (intensive Hebrew-language-study program). He has not considered, even for a moment, changing his plans. "I feel very safe and thankful for the devoted care of the University of Haifa team that is accompanying the Ulpan and takes care of our every need, I am looking forward to returning to Haifa and continuing my studies as planned" said Adam.  

 "The students are solid in their resolve to stay and this warms our hearts" said the Director of the Overseas Summer School, Professor Hanan Alexander. The Professor and 140 students are temporary guests of The Hebrew University in Jerusalem during the uneasiness in the North.  "Since the outbreak of security events we have provided for al the Students needs and our Teachers and Psychologists are available to them at any time" he said. 

From the original group of 250 students form overseas that arrived at the University of Haifa, last week, 70 have left the Country. The majority have chosen to continue their studies despite the situation in Israel. "They have decided to stay and are very calm in their decision – they have nothing but praise for the Summer School Team that has accompanied them through out". 

                                                               *     *       * 

We close, wishing everyone a quiet night and will continue to update in the coming days.  We thank you all for your cooperation and we extend wishes of peace and quiet to all members of the University of Haifa family. 

 Sincerely yours, 

Dr. Amir Gilat 

Head of Media and Communication relations 

University of Haifa agilat@univ.haifa.ac.il  


UPDATE 18.7.06  

Shalom to all, 

The University of Haifa was forced yet again today, to remain closed due to ongoing rocket attacks on Haifa and the Northern region of Israel.  The following is our latest update:  

  We will update further in the coming days.  

With best wishes, 

Dr. Amir Gilat

Head of the Communication and Media Relations




The Chief Rabbi, Sir Jonathan Sacks 

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